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Zdenek Deny Filip

Band function: Bass + vocals

Name: Zdeněk

Nickname: Deny

Surname: Filip

Born: 01.04.1989

hobbies: music, snowboarding, dogs, cooking

bad habits: music, smoking

favorite drinks: Pardál and Budvar, espresso, good rum and plum brandy

Favorite Food: Meat

Favorite movie: sci-fi psychodrama

previous bands: Expulsion of the Wounded, Prickly Soul, Last Word, Wicked design

Equipment: Sire Marcus Miller V7, Behringer BX4500H, Bugerra BA210, microphone SE V7

Musical Patterns: Robert Trujillo, Matt Freeman

Preparation for the concert: shower, get dressed, put on our glasses and we can go

moto: Better beer in the stomach than water on the lungs.

Write me:

Thank you for your message. Deny

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