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Členové kapely


Zdeněk Deny Filip


Jirka Šachl


Vojta Havlis


Vlasta Mauric


Rocková kapela Denyho parťáci z Českých Budějovic.

V roce 2021 ve spolupráci s pořadem Pozor vlak nahrála kapela nový singl s názvem Nádražáci spolu s klipem v režii  Jiřího Dlabaji, který si svou premieru odbyl 30.6.2021 v pořadu Pozor vlak na Sport 5, youtube, sociálních sítích.

V roce 2022 kapela natočila nový singl a videoklip Piková královna.

Kapela se každoročně účastní městských slavností, pivních slavností, zábav, menších festivalů či soukromých akcí. 
Za více 13 let působení na scéně má kapela za sebou stovky vystoupení.

History with a touch of hysteria ..

The formation of the band

The band was formed at the end of summer 2009 in České Budějovice. The founding members were Jirka Šachl (vocals + guitar), Zdeněk Deny Filip (bass), Peťa Brázda (drums) and Kačenka Svobodová (ex singer). Within a month, the band rehearsed and sewed 20 songs with a hot needle. The reason was simple, Peťa arranged the historically first event, which took place in Špejcharka in Pohůrka near České Budějovice. As expected, it turned out to be catastrophic and some members wanted to end the band.

Over time, better times began to shine, as solo guitarist Martin Formánek joined the band, who went to countless events with the band. However, as usual, Martin leaves the band over time due to time constraints and the band's energy-saving mode begins again.

Soon, excellent guitarist David Vacka appears on the stage with a telecaster in hand. With David, the band did a lot of new songs and went to a lot of events. Unfortunately, health complications came and David could no longer work with the band.

Within a few days, David's post is taken by a new member of the band, Roman Gebelt. After a few months, however, Roman also has to leave the band for internal reasons.

The band plays in 4 founding members for a while, but it still lacks something. Suddenly Martin Formánek spoke again and the band started again.

The band recorded their first two songs in the Prodigy studio in České Budějovice, Question and Car, which you can play on our website.

The hysterical part is coming :-)

For health reasons, Kačka Svobodová gives up one event after another, Martin Formánek joins it and the band is disbanded.

After waking days and nights, Jirka came up with a saving idea - he approached the excellent keyboardist and friend Roman Smola, who accepted the offer. Deny addressed an excellent singer and friend Michal Souček, who also gave the band a helping hand and after one rehearsal the band played again.

Kačka Svobodová and Martin Formánek are leaving the band for good.

The end is good, everything is good

After half a year of searching, the band finally found a new solo guitarist Honza Politzer, who with his experience brought a new touch to the band.

After a month, on the way home from work, Peta meets a hitchhiking girl who almost jumps under his car. The conversation between the young lady and Peta revealed that the hitchhiker had missed a bus to get to singing class. As they say, luck smiled on the band and there was a cat in the oven (singer behind the microphone), because the tracker was none other than our current singer Kačka Jarošová.


At the end of 2015, one of the founding members of the band and drummer Petr Brázda is leaving.

It is an unexpected blow for the band and that is why the phones, the internet and all possible and impossible connections to get a new drummer are hot.

After several weeks of searching, addressing and rehearsing drummers from all over South Bohemia, we came across a friend and a drummer with a big B. This is Martin Kurz, whom you may know from various South Bohemian bands.

The band is now complete and playing one action after another. Despite all these vicissitudes, the band works and tries to produce real rock music.

2018 + 2019

And we have other changes here again. Change of repertoire, pregnant singer and change of solo guitarist. Káťa Jarošová leaves the band and is replaced by Simča Krajíčková. Both girls got pregnant, but Simča still performs with us.

In the spring of 2019, another change took place as a solo guitarist. Honza Politzer decided to end his activity with us and he is replaced by Vojta Havlis, whom you could notice in the bands Cambodia or No stress.

                                                                                                                                                            Good luck to the rock

Current report:

Jirka Šachl - vocals + el. guitar

Zdeněk Deny FIlip - bass guitar + vocals

Simona Krajíčková - singing

Vojta Havlis - solo guitar

Martin Kajaba - drums

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