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Simona Krajíčková

function in the band: singing

name: Simona


Surname: Krajíčková


hobbies: singing, playing the piano, bike, swimming, in-line, skiing

Bad habits: Excessive organization of things and order when I sit, I have to have a purse or bag on my lap. For that, they laughed at me for the middle of 8 years.

favorite drinks: cocoa, latte, ferrari, wine

favorite food: meat :-) steaks, tomato, sirloin with cranberries, pork-dumpling-veal, rice pudding favorite movie: I love quality horror movies, preferably with a ghostly undertone, psychodrama and movies that make me think about life.

previous bands: it can't even be counted :-) At the age of 16 we put together the band Kačenka a strašidla :-)

you fun: vocal cords :-)

musical patterns: Lucie Bílá

preparation for the concert: I listen to mp3s, relax and sometimes I use a fret to strengthen

moto: Everything bad is good for something.

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